New Book “The Green Lady Mystery” by Sean Barden

The Green Lady Mystery by Sean Barden is a historical investigation into what happened to Bellina Prior a young Armagh girl convicted of murdering three-year-old neighbour Annie Slavin in 1888.
After Bellina was tried and found guilty but insane, she was detained in the asylum at the Lord Lieutenant’s pleasure. However, helped by her privileged background and mother’s influence she was released just four years later.
After discovering hundreds of Bellina’s letters the author has gained a unique insight into her troubled mind and subsequent campaign to expose alleged abuse she suffered while in the asylum.
The story ends as tragically as it began when in 1909 Bellina’s mother took her own life having just murdered her daughter by poisoning her.

The book is on sale at the museum and will soon be available in many local shops, price £7.99.