April Meeting

Our April meeting will take place on Wednesday, 12th April in the Irish and Local Studies Library at the usual time of 7:30 p.m.

The speaker is Keith Haines and his talk is entitled “The Macans of Armagh, at home and in India”.  The central focus of the talk will be on Turner Macan (1792-1836) of Carrive, (pictured opposite in a contemporary painting by George Chinnery) but will also include the full dynasty.  A memorial to Turner Macan was erected by his widow in the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh.  The family connection to Armagh is maintained today through the Macan Trust for the Blind, whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to organisations in Armagh City and surrounding district who support the blind in their local communities. Some of you may remember the Macan Asylum for the Blind on Cathedral Road.

Keith was formerly Head of History at Campbell College (1977-2000) and then Archivist (2000-2015).
He also served on the management committee of, and as Hon Treasurer of, the Federation for Ulster Local Studies from c.1995-2007. He has written a number of books, including a biography of Turner Macan.